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Rubbermaid Commercial Dust Pan Upright Lobby Pro Black (RUBFG253100BL)

Product SKU RUBFG253100BL Product UPC 86876156164 Product Name DUST PAN UPRIGHT LOBBY PRO*BLK 11.30" Wide - Plastic - Black - 1 Each Ideal for use in malls, restaurants and lobbies...


Product SKU RUB294579 Product UPC 86876183733 Product Name CARPET SWEEPER(FG421288BLA) Rubbermaid - Floor and Carpet Sweeper Rubbermaid Floor and Carpet Sweeper Rubbermaid Floor and Carpet Sweeper


Product SKU RUB294512 Product UPC 86876156232 Product Name ANGLE BROOM LOBBY PRO, BLACK 2536 Lobby Broom, Synthetic Fill Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Series Lobby Broom, Wood Handle, Black - Synthetic Bristle...


Product SKU RUB2040055 Product UPC 86876260380 Product Name PUSH BROOM 18"HEAD+24"HANDLE Push Broom, Anti-Twist, 3" Bristles, 18"W, 15/16" Handle Rubbermaid Commercial Anti-twist 18" Push Broom - 3" (76.20 mm) Resin...


Product SKU RUB2040045 Product UPC 86876247480 Product Name PUSH BROOM 24"WOOD HANDLE Push Broom,Anti-Twist,3" Poly Bristles,24"W,15/16" Handle Rubbermaid Commercial Anti-Twist Multisurface Broom - 3" (76.20 mm) Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), Polypropylene...

VILEDA MAGNTC BROOM 3.15X11.8 (BNZ709347321)

Product SKU BNZ709347321 Product UPC Product Name VILEDA MAGNTC BROOM 3.15X11.8 MAGNETIC BROOM 3.15x11.8'' WTE Vileda Professional Manual Boom - Polypropylene Bristle - Fiberglass Handle - 1 Each Vileda Professional...


Product SKU BNZ709345111 Product UPC Product Name VILEDA CORN BROOM 54" HANDLE CORN BROOM 54'' HANDLE Vileda Professional Manual Boom - 1.12" (28.45 mm) Handle Diameter - 1 Each Vileda...


Product SKU AGI823 Product UPC 60188008236 Product Name TOILET BRUSH ROUND Dual Action Bowl Brush Atlas Graham Round Dual Action Bowl Brush - Fiber Bristle - 20 / Pack Atlas...

Atlas Graham Economy Bowl Brush Caddy (AGI816)

Product SKU AGI816 Product UPC 60188008168 Product Name TOILET BRUSH HLDR FOR AGI 823 White - Plastic - 10 / Pack A simple and effective solution for all your organizing...


Product SKU AGI6224 Product UPC 60188062245 Product Name BROOM HEAD STREET BRUSH 24" Brush Atlas Graham 24" Tampico/Palmyra Medium Sweep Push Broom - Palmyra, Tampico Bristle - 6 / Pack...


Product SKU AGI797 Product UPC 60188007970 Product Name ANGLE BROOM, 12" Rite-Angle Angled Broom Atlas Graham Rite-Angle Upright Broom - Large, With 48" Handle - 48" (1219.20 mm) Handle Length...


Product SKU AGI792 Product UPC 60188007925 Product Name ANGLE BROOM, 9" Rite-Angle Angled Broom Atlas Graham Rite-Angle Lobby Broom - Small, With 48" Handle - 48" (1219.20 mm) Handle Length...

BROOM HEAD 24" (AGI56024)

Product SKU AGI56024 Product UPC 60188560246 Product Name BROOM HEAD 24" Brush Atlas Graham Tampico Blend-Medium Sweep Push Broom - Tampico Fiber Bristle - 6 / Pack Atlas Graham Tampico...


Product SKU AGI52509 Product UPC 60188525092 Product Name BROOM HANDLE WOOD 60"


Product SKU AGI310 Product UPC 60188003101 Product Name SUPER FLEX DUSTER 32"-60" Wooly Wonder Super Flex Duster Atlas Graham Wooly Wonder - Super Flex Flexible & Extendable Lambswool Duster Atlas...

Rubbermaid Quick Connect Microfibre Mop Handle (RUBQ75000YL00)

Product SKU RUBQ75000YL00 Product UPC 86876174809 Product Name MICROFIBRE QC STR.HANDLE 58" 58" (1473.20 mm) Length - Yellow - Aluminum - 1 Each Lightweight aluminum construction for improved productivity One-step...

Rubbermaid HYGEN Q560 Quick Connect Wet/Dry Frame (RUBQ56000YL00)

Product SKU RUBQ56000YL00 Product UPC 86876174830 Product Name MICROFIBRE QC FRAME 18" Lightweight - Yellow - Aluminum - 1 Each Flat profile slides easily under furniture and equipment Lightweight aluminum...

Rubbermaid HYGEN Micro Fibre Dust Mop (RUBQ41800GR00)

Product SKU RUBQ41800GR00 Product UPC 86876174939 Product Name MIC FIB DUST PAD W/FRINGE 18" 20.70" Width5.70" Depth - MicroFiber Fringed for greater surface area vs. nonfringed Traps and locks away...

Rubbermaid Microfiber Wet Room Pad (RUBQ41000BL00)

Product SKU RUBQ41000BL00 Product UPC 86876170016 Product Name WET PADS, MICRO-FIBRE 18" 18.50" (469.90 mm) x 5.50" (139.70 mm) - Hypoallergenic, Non-abrasive - 1 Each - Blue Removes more dust,...

Rubbermaid Commercial Snap On Dust Mop Handle 60" WD (RUBFGM1160000)

Product SKU RUBFGM1160000 Product UPC 086876046182 Product Name SNAP ON DUST MOP HANDLE 60" WD 60" (1524 mm) Length Full, 360-degree swivel action Also lets you lock into place Easily...

Rubbermaid Commercial 6351 Wood Handle, Threaded, Lacquered (RUBFG635100LA)

Product SKU RUBFG635100LA Product UPC 86876007527 Product Name WOODEN BROOM HANDLE 54" 54" (1371.60 mm) Length - 1.31" (33.34 mm) Diameter - Lacquer - Wood - 1 Each Fits Rubbermaid...

Rubbermaid Heavy-duty Standard Dust Pan (RUBFG200500CH)

Product SKU RUBFG200500CH Product UPC 86876116960 Product Name DUST PAN, HEAVY DUTY 12.25" Wide - Plastic - Charcoal - 1 Each Heavy-duty plastic construction Durable to avoid cracks, dents, chips...

Rubbermaid Extra Large Roughneck Dust Pan (RUB9B5900BLA)

Product SKU RUB9B5900BLA Product UPC 086876164459 Product Name DUST PAN, EXTRA LARGE *BLACK 15" Wide - Plastic - Black Extra-large design holds more dust and debris at once Tall sidewalls...

Rubbermaid Angled Brute Broom (RUB637500)

Product SKU RUB637500 Product UPC 86876052152 Product Name BROOM BRUTE 1" DIA FLAGGED*GRY 10.50" (266.70 mm) Polypropylene Bristle - 1" (25.40 mm) Handle Diameter - Metal Handle - 1 Each...

Rubbermaid Angled Lobby Broom (RUB637400BL)

Product SKU RUB637400BL Product UPC 86876154962 Product Name DUST PAN BROOM POLY FILL 7.50" (190.50 mm) Polypropylene Bristle - 27" (685.80 mm) Handle Length - 35" (889 mm) Overall Length...

Swiffer Duster Refill (PGC41767)

Product SKU PGC41767 Product UPC 37000417675 Product Name REFILL,SWIFFER DUSTER Trapping power of Swiffer Fluffy, go-anywhere form Clean once and toss into the garbage 10 refills/Box

Command Broom Gripper (MMM17007-EF)

Product SKU MMM17007-EF Product UPC 51141409474 Product Name COMMAND BROOM GRIPPER for Multipurpose - White - 1 Each Use for damage-free hanging Holds strongly, removes cleanly Easy to apply, easy...

Genuine Joe Heavy-duty Metal Dustpan (GJO85151)

Product SKU GJO85151 Product UPC 35255851510 Product Name PAN,METAL,DUST,16" 16" Wide - Metal - Black - 1 Each Heavy-duty design allows simple use during small cleaning jobs 20-gauge steel construction...

Genuine Joe L-grip Plastic Lobby Dust Pan (GJO85147)

Product SKU GJO85147 Product UPC 35255851473 Product Name PAN,DUST,LOBBY,PLASTIC Plastic - Black - 1 Each Large tray capacity reduces frequent visits to trash bin Footrest pads prevent unsightly marks and...

Genuine Joe Lobby Dust Pan (GJO85136)

Product SKU GJO85136 Product UPC 35255851367 Product Name PAN,DUST,LOBBY,PLASTIC 12" Wide - 30" (762 mm) Handle - Plastic - Black - 1 Each Large tray capacity reduces frequent visits to...

Genuine Joe Quick Change Mop Handle (GJO80260)

Product SKU GJO80260 Product UPC 35255802604 Product Name HANDLE, MOP, QUICK CHANGE Natural - Wood - 1 Each Heavy-duty, plated metal head for increased strength Swing away bar lets you...

Genuine Joe Replacement Handle for Heavy-duty Floor Sweep (GJO60468)

Product SKU GJO60468 Product UPC 35255604680 Product Name HANDLE,REPLACE,WOOD,60" 60" (1524 mm) Length - 1.13" (28.58 mm) Diameter - Oak - Wood - 1 Each Replacement handle for GJO60467 Hardwood...