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Rubbermaid Toilet Bowl Brush Holder (RUBFG631100WH)

Product SKU RUBFG631100WH Product UPC 868760072206 Product Name TOILET BRUSH HOLDER ONLY WHITE 1 Each - White Designed for easy toilet bowl cleaning Square-shaped, 5" holder fits in any corner...

Rubbermaid Commercial 2535 Lobby Pro Upright Dust Pan Hanger Bracket (RUBFG253500BL)

Product SKU RUBFG253500BL Product UPC 86876156201 Product Name DUSTPAN HANG BRACKET LOBBY PRO 4" Length x 1.2" Width x 1.2" Height - Polypropylene - Black Use with Rubbermaid Commercial Lobby...

Clear Path Plunger (PTU1150)

Product SKU PTU1150 Product UPC 60188011502 Product Name RUBBER PLUNGER,WOOD HANDLE Black Large-capacity cap allows snug fit in toilet bowls for greater efficiency Durable funnel can be retreated for use...

Scotch-Brite Toilet Plunger with Caddy (MMMSB-PLNGR)

Product SKU MMMSB-PLNGR Product UPC 51125060080 Product Name TOILET PLUNGER WITH CADDY White Durable rubber head Comfort grip, ergonomic handle Convenient, fully covered storage caddy

Genuine Joe Maroon Broomhead (GJO99654)

Product SKU GJO99654 Product UPC 035255996549 Product Name BROOM,36",MAROON 1 Each - Maroon - Polypropylene Coarse polypropylene bristles efficiently handle heavy-duty applications Water-resistant construction can be used for wet or...

Genuine Joe 24" Push Broomhead (GJO99652)

Product SKU GJO99652 Product UPC 035255996525 Product Name BROOM,24",PALMYRA 1 Each - Brown - Palmyra Durable Palmyra fibers handle heavy-duty jobs indoors or outdoors Lacquered hardwood block withstands rigors of...

Genuine Joe Value Plus Plunger (GJO85130)

Product SKU GJO85130 Product UPC 35255851305 Product Name PLUNGER,VALUE PLUS,YW 5.75" (146.05 mm) Cup Diameter - 23" (584.20 mm) Length - Yellow Flexible material compresses easily to force trapped objects...

Hospeco Urinal Screen (HOS1991W)

Product SKU HOS1991W Product UPC 75289057113 Product Name URINAL SCREEN PARA WHITE*12/BX 12 / Box - White Protects urinal drains May be used in urinals with standing water Nonstaining, cherry...

Bunzl Para Urinal Toss Block (HOS06311)

Product SKU HOS06311 Product UPC 75289063114 Product Name URINAL PUCKS CHERRY PINK*12/BX Cherry - Lasts upto 30 Days - Non-toxic, Biodegradable, Non-staining, Para Deodorizer, Water Activated - 12 / Pack...

Genuine Joe Bubblegum Scent Urinal Screen (GJO85137)

Product SKU GJO85137 Product UPC 35255851374 Product Name SCREEN,URINAL,BLUE Bubblegum - Deodorizer, Odor Neutralizer - 12 / Box - Blue Advanced germ-fighting ingredients helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria Tapered drain holes...

Genuine Joe Deluxe Urinal Screen (GJO58336)

Product SKU GJO58336 Product UPC 35255583367 Product Name URINAL SCREEN CHERRY SCENTED Cherry - Lasts upto 30 Days - 12 / Box - White Made of 100% virgin vinyl with...

Genuine Joe Non-para Green Apple Scent Urinal Screen (GJO58335)

Product SKU GJO58335 Product UPC 35255583350 Product Name NON-PARA SC W/BLOCK APPLE Apple - Lasts upto 30 Days - 12 / Box - Blue Contains no para or acids Features...

Genuine Joe Non-para Toss Blocks (GJO58333)

Product SKU GJO58333 Product UPC 35255583336 Product Name NON-PARA,TOSS BLOCKS Cherry - 12 / Box - Blue Contains no para or acids Water-soluble design Deodorizes with every flush Blue dye...

Genuine Joe Deodorizing Commode Mat (GJO58331)

Product SKU GJO58331 Product UPC 35255583312 Product Name DEODORIZING,Z-MAT-COMMODE Restroom - Black Fungicide to fight germs and combat odors Use to protect floors from stains, discoloration and uric acid damage...

Genuine Joe Deodorizing Urinal Z-Mat (GJO58330)

Product SKU GJO58330 Product UPC 35255583305 Product Name DEODORIZING,Z-MAT-URINAL Lasts upto 6 Weeks - 1 Each - Black Contains fungicide to fight germs and combat odors Use to protect floors...