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Merangue Classic Glass Magnifier With 3" Lens (MGELG-G75BL)

Product SKU MGELG-G75BL Product UPC 068488015855 Product Name MAGNIFIER GLASS 3" ROUND CARD Magnifying Area 3" (76.20 mm) Diameter - Overall Size 0.50" (12.70 mm) Height x 3" (76.20 mm)...

Sparco Illuminated Magnifier (SPR01878)

Product SKU SPR01878 Product UPC 035255018784 Product Name MAGNIFIER ROUND ILLUMIN 3 2X Magnifying Area 3" (76.20 mm) Diameter 2X lens with 4X inset Illuminated to ease eyestrain Operates on...


Product SKU QRT27548 Product UPC 718575275487 Product Name MAGNIFIER 4X LIGHT 2x4 RECTANG

Merangue Card Lens (MGELG838PG)

Product SKU MGELG838PG Product UPC 068488008383 Product Name MAGNIF.GLASS SHEET 3.5X2.1CARD Magnifying Area 2.13" (53.98 mm) Width x 3.25" (82.55 mm) Length 3 times the magnification Easy-to-carry, credit card size...

Merangue 7"x10" Sheet (MGELG828PG)

Product SKU MGELG828PG Product UPC 068488008284 Product Name MAGNIF.GLASS SHEET 7X10 CARD Magnifying Area 7" (177.80 mm) Width x 10" (254 mm) Length 3 times the magnification Lightweight, unbreakable design...

Maped Bar Magnifier (MAP395110)

Product SKU MAP395110 Product UPC 3154143951105 Product Name MAGNIFIER MAPED BAR x 9.84" (250 mm) Length Straight-edge design allows you to line up data perfectly Magnifier increases text 1.5 times...

Maped 75 mm Round Magnifier (MAP039300)

Product SKU MAP039300 Product UPC 3154140393007 Product Name MAGNIEFIER ERGOLOGIC 3" CRD Magnifying Area 2.95" (75 mm) Diameter - Glass Lens Easy 3X magnifying with 3" diameter lens Clear glass...


Product SKU MAP395211 Product UPC 154143952119 Product Name MAGNIFIER RECTANGULAR


Product SKU BAL628006 Product UPC 310119080061 Product Name MAGNIFIER RECTANG LED 2"x4"
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